Program - Innovation Camp

8.-9. april 2014, HiØ, Campus Fredrikstad.


InnovationCamp is a yearly event for students at HiØ that want to develop skills, general competences and motivation for innovation and creativity. In 2014 students will work over two days in interdisciplinary teams towards a sustainable concept based on universal design. InnovationCamp 2014 is a joint program between Norwegian Theatre Academy, Faculty of Health and Social Studies, Faculty of Engineering and the incubators Ny Vekst (Fredrikstad) and Drivhuset (Trollhettan).

Programme (tentative)

Tuesday 8. april: Idea Storming




Welcome and a short introduction to Universal Design Tormod Lund Fylkesmannen i Østfold and Prosjekt Pilotfylke for universell utforming

Workshop on idea creation Professor Serge von Arx

Lunch in teams In teams

Work in heterogeneous teams With menthors

Dinner Students and menthors at Kranen SFO

Onsdag 9. april: Concept Storming

World Cafe Dr Gunnar Andersson
1000-1200 Workshop on concept modelling Solveig Kristine Østby Vitanza, Ny Vekst
1200-1300 Lunch in teams In teams
1300-1500 Work in heterogeneous teams With menthors
1500-1700 Concept Presentation with jury At Kranen SFO
1730-1745 Awards best concept At Kranen SFO

Project Team Innovation Camp 2014

Sissel Larsen, Bjørn Gitle Hauge, Hong Wu og Gunnar Andersson (HiØ-Innovasjon og prosjektledelse), Tormod Lund (Prosjekt Pilotfylke for universell utforming Østfold fylkeskommune), Erik Wallin and Dominika Zbróg (Drivhuset ved Högskolan Vest), Solveig Vitanza (Ny vekst).Â
Forsiden Program